Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's been a long time!

It has been quite a long time since I have posted last! Our studio has been closed for the last year due my neck surgery (I am now 'fused' in three places and have a wonderful titanium plate screwed into my spine). As a potter, my doctor and I both felt that there was numbness in my wrists because of repeated strain on my wrists, however this numbness was caused due to several pinched nerves in my spine.
Both a blessing and a curse, because I could not imagine having surgery on my wrists and possibly dealing with nerve damage. I am an artist, though I have many other qualities, my hands and the ability to finely control the movements of my fingers is directly related to creating.
So, the idea of having neck surgery was a blessing and less scary of a venture for myself, well... that is until the night before the surgery, where I did nothing but cry for four hours wondering if I made the right choice.
Four months into recovery, and I can honestly say... I would do it again in a heart beat! (although, I might have to at some point be fused in my lower back, this I am not looking forward to).

I'm currently going back to college, entered into the Mental Health and Human Services program at a local community college. I am two weeks into this two year program, and I love it!

However being full time program, it does leave me with the afternoon's off and currently leaves me with three day weekends.
This might just give me enough time to re-establish the studio (for it is a mess at this moment, not being in there pretty much for
a year) and start classes again!
I hope to start working towards this with in a three weeks, setting a dead line for myself in reopening the studio. I know that the programs in which we were connected with, miss the studio dearly and were disappointed when classes had to cease.

I will also start attaching my youtube video's here, on how to create large bowls, plates and platters on the potters wheel. I do not think I have attached them to my blog and believe it's important to show a different technique. Some learn differently then others and my way is not the 'right' way to throw, it's just a different way and something I found helpful and hope that some others do as well.

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  1. hi i follow you since today i found your vedios and your blog i must say you generate lot of energy and confidence in art must say god give you lot of good health and may you work on your dreams
    from harish